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LETTER TO THE EDITOR | Republican party is ‘targeting’ America

October 18, 2013 · Updated 11:34 AM


I need to get this off my chest. America is being targeted by a terrorist organization.

This terrorist organization has a name, actually two names, the Republican Party and the spineless wing of the Democratic Party.

There are approximately 60 million Americans that have no healthcare insurance because they can’t afford it. They are hoping to be able to sign up for healthcare coverage of some kind through the Affordable Care Act and the Republican leadership, and I use that term loosely, is fighting this plan tooth and claw. Sen. Ted Cruz, a Republican presidential hopeful, stood in the Senate chamber and spoke for 21 hours to try to “stop this abomination,” a bill to help human beings get needed healthcare coverage. The funny part of his filibuster, as he told lie after lie about how this will destroy America, is that the bill hadn’t gone into effect yet.

There are approximately 12 million Americans who are long-term unemployed and these same Republican terrorists fight any jobs bills offered up by the more humane American politicians.

These same unemployed people, and their children, are losing food stamps to budget cuts championed by the Republican-led Congress. I guess if you’re unemployed then you and your children won’t need to eat.

The elderly that depend on Social Security and Medicare to survive are particularly vulnerable to these terrorists and their proposed budget cuts. The Social Security trust fund has been eyed for years as a possible robbery target by the banksters that own America and most of its politicians. This terrorizes elderly Americans, and rightly so.

Occupy Wall Street protesters are targeted by police and other defenders of the banksters. They are beaten and jailed for exercising their rights to free speech. Peace protesters are arrested when taking the anti-war protest to the halls of Congress.

Americans terrorize Americans much more effectively than Osama bin Laden ever dreamt of.

When these terrorists say things like, “How are we going to pay for all these entitlements?” I just say to myself, “Thank God we can spend a trillion dollars a year on war and killing machines to defend this miracle of capitalism from outside terrorists.”



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