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LETTER TO THE EDITOR | Obama sure told those ‘right wingers,’ reporters

October 19, 2013 · Updated 11:41 AM


I listened to the press conference that President Barack Obama gave today. And boy did he stand up to the right wingers and for America. He repeatedly stated that holding America hostage for a ransom just so the Tea Baggers could get their way and do their job was wrong and Obama wasn’t going to give in to them. Over and over Obama said that the way to negotiate is not to give nothing and expect something. He said that the Democrats had done this in the past, where the Republicans got what they wanted and the Democrats got nothing in return. And he’s not gonna do that now.

The law has been passed. “Obama Care” passed in 2010 and has been law since. And now just because a few don’t like it they want to hold the country hostage. Obama said that is not the way to negotiate. Obama said he is not going to give in, over and over. He sounded stronger than he ever has. Way to go, Obama.

It was a great press conference, and even though reporters tried to make Obama out as the bad guy, he really shut them down. Not by shouting or flinging insults, but by using logic and by being in the right. It was great to listen to reporters try to box the president in and somehow make him out to be obstructionist, but no way. The reporters trying this tactic were showing their right-wing bias.

I’m not saying that all the reporters were biased to the right. Actually few were showing any bias either way. But the ones that were did not get away with it.

Finally a law that the majority of Americans want is not going to be minimized or rendered ineffective by a few who attempt to hold Americans hostage to their ideology. And these Tea Baggers are being shown what they truly are — selfish people who don’t care about democracy. And Boehner is being shown for what he is, a coward, more interested in keeping his job than keeping Americans working. The Tea Baggers and Boehner are obviously more interested in what they want — their incomes — than they are in what the majority of Americans want and need. They are willing to sacrifice the incomes of other people, and ultimately the creditworthiness of the U.S.A., for their own ends.

Whew! I didn’t think I was going to go on that long.




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