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LETTER TO THE EDITOR | Look at other ways to comment

July 30, 2014 · Updated 2:28 PM


We are writing this letter to see if there might be other people on the island who feel as we do, and if knowing this might encourage the South Whidbey Record to take a somewhat different stance toward being able to post comments to articles.

Recently, The Record began a subscription for online readers. We understand this step. However, this change occurred a couple of years after The Record began requiring Facebook accounts in order to post comments to articles.

We have informed the editor that we would happily pay for an online account if there was a way of being able to register for them that did not require us to have a Facebook account. We find Facebook to be a company that we do not want to be any part of. We could go on and on as to why we feel this way, but are fairly certain that others feel the same way about Facebook.

We don’t have a problem with requiring names to be associated with comments. We are not asking for anonymous commenting.

Are there other people out there who would pay for the online subscription, but who do not want to have to belong to Facebook in order to post comments to be able to fully utilize the subscription they are paying for? If so, speak now, and perhaps the paper will find additional ways of allowing comments. For example, we note that the Seattle PI used to require Facebook, but no longer does. Other companies (e.g., Rotten Tomatoes) also have multiple ways people can register in order to post comments, in addition to Facebook.

Of course, we realize that if anybody else wants to comment favorably to this letter (that they would like to comment without having a Facebook account), they can’t because, uh, well, uh, you need a Facebook account to say that you don’t want a Facebook account. Maybe what you can do instead is write an email to the editor.

That’s what we did.




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