Maxwelton games winners announced

  • Fri Jul 11th, 2008 6:23pm
  • Sports

Cassie Bosman and Erica Johnson

It’s a tradition: after the parade come the games.

So it was on Friday at Maxwelton Beach where kids ran sprints, hobbled in sacks, tossed eggs and generally had a terrific time.

First place in the sprint race went to Taryn Henny and Kai Williamson in the age 3 and under group; Anne Tinker and Reilly McVay in the 4 to 5 group; Annika Burt and Dolan Shaffer, 9 to 10; Rachel Molton and Jared Minnoch, 11 and 12; Desi Teel and Ryan Dresser, 13 to 14; Meagan McGlurre and Abram Baker, 15 and up.

Second-place winners in the sprints were Charlotte Edmondsen and Kellen Shaffer for 3 and under; Maya Hurd-Lucjer and Christopher Anderson, 9 and 10; Dominique Knight and Charlie Watters, 11 and 12; Jasmine Fallgreen and Paul Oswald (in a tie with Cameron Bunn), 13 and 14; Annelise Driflot and Nick Calais for 15 and up.

In the third-place slot were Samuel Tinker for age 3 and under; Isa Lunnava and Logan Fischer, 6 to 8; Annie Lux and Brady Miller, 9 and 10; Mary Bone and Noah Frank, 11 and 12; Briana Haimes and Cole Andrich, 13 and 14; Rachel Stone and Josh Haimes for 15 and up.

The first-place winners in the three-legged race were Chloe Hood and Chloe Dickerson for the girls and Jaren Minnoch and Parker Fowler for the boys in the 7 to 9 age category; Amelia Weeks and Emma Lungren for the girls and Joe Neuheisel and Ryan Dresser for the boys, 10 to 12; Emeline David and Kasey LaMay and Stuart Driflot and Charlie Watters, 13 to 15; Erica Johnson and Cassie Bosman and Jim and Eli Fowler for the over-16 group.

Second place in the three-legged event went to Lily Simpson and Maya Hurd-Lucker and Landen and Loden Fischer in the 7 to 9 age group; Mary Bone and Desi Teel and Will Kirby and Matthew Essig, 10 to 12; Beth Oswald and Briana Haimes and Jay and Atherton Kniseley, 13 to 15; Christine Johnson and Courtney Bosman and Jeremy Marrow and Sam Drake for 16 and up.

Third-place winners included Skye McGuire and Jess Morrison and Mikael Gregory and Taylor Brown, 7 to 9; Isabelle Dailidenas and Megan Phillips and Jack Hood and Noah Frank, 10 to 12; Colleen Keef, Dana Scarp, Taylor Mesojednick and Robby Bernicchi in the 16 and up category.

First-place sack hop winners were Maya Hurd-Lucker and David Oswald for the 7 to 9 group; Emma Lungren and Joe Neuheisel, 10 to 12; Amelia Weeks and Ryan Dresser, 13 to 15; Christine Johnson and Matt Thoeson, 16 and up.

Second-place finishers were Skye McGuire and Jaren Minnoch, 7 to 9; Bridget Haimes and Charlie Watters, 10 to 12; Kasey LaMay and Charlie Watters, 13 to 15; Brianna Nelson and Sam Drake for 16 and up.

Third-place winners were Jess Morrison and Landen Fischer, 7 to 9; Sophie Frank and Paul Oswald, 10 to 12; Sophie Larson-Wickman and Stewart Driflot, 13 to 15; Annelise Driflot and Jared Moore, 16 and up.

Egg toss winners were George Rowe and Kevin Read with runners-up Kahlee Hodge and Tulor Hoedemaker taking second.