South Whidbey martial arts students put on show

  • Tue Mar 24th, 2015 9:52pm
  • Sports

Waylan Parsell blocks Tyler King’s kick during Tiger Martial Arts 10th anniversary tournament on March 21 in Freeland.

The following are results from the Tiger Martial Arts 10th anniversary tournament March 21 in Freeland.

Kids white belt kata: 1, Avery Williams Buchanan; 2, Liam Fraker; 3, Griffin Arndt.

Kids yellow belt kata: 1, Coen Janow; 2, Jack Cussen; 3, Isaiah Castro.

Prearranged sparring yellow belts: 1, Maddox Smith Heacox and Olivia Livingstone; 2, Coen Janow and Isaiah Castro.

Kids orange belt kata: 1, Tyler King; 2, Simon Uhl; 3, Waylan Parsell.

Kids blue and red belts kata: 1, Makenna Parsell; 2, Sterling Gardiner; 3, Dominic Montaperto.

Kids prearranged sparring orange and up: 1, Dominic Montaperto and Matthew Midkiff; 2, Waylan Parsell and Makenna Parsell; 3, Tyler King and Sterling Gardiner.

Kids weapons kata: 1, Tyler King; 2, Coen Janow; 3, Simon Uhl.

Kids sparring: 1, Makenna Parsell; 2, Waylan Parsell; 3, Coen Janow.

Adults white /green belt kata: 1, Jon Deritis; 2, Nichole Buchanan; 3, Sabrina Carey.

Adults Kyu kumite: 1, Jon Deritis and Nichole Buchanan; 2, Sabrina Carey.

Adults brown belt kata: 1, Rob Durr; 2, Heidi Holden; 3, Michelle Durr.

Adults Dan kumite: 1, Rob and Michelle Durr.