Grateful for all the sheriff’s office does for community


Special thanks the Island County Sheriff’s Office for working to remove the abandoned trailer in the Joseph Whidbey Park parking lot on Crosby Road. It was not only an eyesore, but people were actually living in the dangerous structure with no power or facilities of any kind.

Efforts to remove the thing took months and we were informed of the progress of its removal and cheered when it left our line of vision! We appreciate all of the work to get it out of the parking lot.

Also, as a member of the Deception Pass Sail and Power Squadron, I want to thank the sheriff’s office for sending the excellent speaker to our monthly meeting/dinner.

The squadron is planning an “open house” boater information event, activities and presentations on boater safety on Sept. 16 at the Oak Harbor Marina, which will be open to the public at no charge.

Our sheriff’s office representative explained the role they play in water safety education and enforcement to ensure safe recreational boating. It is hoped they will be available to be part of the September event.

We are so grateful for the sheriff’s office and for all they do to help our communities.


Oak Harbor