Kudos to parks district | LETTER TO THE EDITOR

To the editor:

The past few months of spring, almost all summer and autumn, even as bleary and chilly as many days have been, I have been very grateful for our South Whidbey Community Park.

Its well-maintained trails wander through tall cedar and fir trees. They are maintained to encourage the natural understory of salal and huckleberry, fern and moss. There are trails that continue past beautifully manicured fields of play.

On my way, I greet many other walkers and runners and, mixed in with the sound of woodpecker and wren, is the laughter of children on the playgrounds and baseball and soccer fields. Whether I’m alone or with family or friends, this park is a place of enjoyment, wonder and communion.

Even in this time of stringent budgets, the park staff continues carefully to nurture this South Whidbey gem. My sincere thanks to each one of you. Your good work is a gift to our community.

Sally Windecker