Letter: A reckoning on guns, racism is yet to come


Thoughts and prayers without action is presumptuous. Thoughts and prayers help with the grieving process, but they do nothing to address gun violence.

Ten people targeted and killed with a combat weapon in Buffalo because they are African American. Thoughts and prayers don’t address the confluence of combat weapons and White racism. America has yet to have a reckoning on systemic White racism, privilege and guns.

Nineteen elementary school children and two teachers slaughtered with a combat weapon. Thoughts and prayers don’t address the mass murders of innocent children in Uvalde and Newtown. How long? How many children must die with bodies made unrecognizable as the result of combat weapons sold to teenagers before our nation bans the sale of weapons of war to all civilians?

How long before America chooses life to halt these senseless sacrifices at the altar of the 2nd amendment?

How long before Americans understand the connection of our powerful military – industrial – Congressional complex and the availability of combat weapons?

How long before American voters remove from power politicians who only offer thoughts and prayers?

Dick Hall