Letter: A vote for Cyr is a vote for a well-informed politician


I’ve known Craig Cyr for about 15 years. I am pleased that I will now have the chance to vote for this thoughtful, bright and well-spoken person for Langley City Council.

I currently serve on a nonprofit board with Craig. It is impressive to see up close how collaborative he is in his participation. He makes a point of being well-informed on matters before us and listens carefully to the rest of us. He is refreshingly clear and straightforward in stating his well-founded thoughts.

Craig gives his all to find the best possible solution. And he knows how to effectively present his ideas to others. He has proven this in his work with other boards and organizations and I’ve seen it for myself. He will be a terrific Langley city councilman.

I encourage others to join me in voting for Craig Cyr.

Toyan Copeland


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