Letter: Analyze positions, opinions, character and background of each candidate


Growing up in the 1950s, my father was a Republican, so I rather naturally gravitated to that party. He was also rather prejudiced, some of which rubbed off on me, in spite of my mother’s objections.

However, about the time that Newt Gingrich became a public figure, I began to realize that both parties, but particularly the Republican party, had become partisan to the point that the good of the country was less important than the party line.

As a result, I rejected the Republican party and became an independent.

I also began to see prejudice for what it truly is. Today, I believe that political prejudice is just as problematic as racial prejudice.

In my opinion, every voter should do his or her best to analyze the positions, opinions, character, and background of each candidate of both parties before voting for either.

I look for someone who is trustworthy, loyal, courteous, kind, reverent, analytical, compassionate, empathetic, fair, steady, intellectual, believes in scientific evidence, and acts first of all in the best interest of the country as a whole, regardless of party.

Our current president and his administration have none of the above.

Traitor: “One who betrays another’s trust or is false to an obligation or duty.

As a combat veteran, I shudder at the notion that our president ignored evidence that Russians have placed bounties on American military servicemen and women.

This is the very definition of a traitor.

Clayton Canfield

Former Marine Corps helicopter pilot


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