Letter: Biden not the president-elect yet; Trump still holds position


Looking back over the years since I retired from the United States Navy in 1993, I have noticed one thing that bothers me. The news on TV and print have become more propaganda and not news.

In 1976, I remember discussing a survey with my father in law after a presentation we had attended on the world money system. It featured all the leading CEOs of broadcast and print media.

In it, 75-80 percent of the CEOs thought it was their job to present the news to format public opinion rather than just reporting the news.

This has become more apparent as time has progressed.

This last month was one of the worst I have ever seen, with the news media presenting propaganda rather than news. In the 2000 election, the winner of the presidential race was not decided until just before the electoral college voted.

There was a lot of talk about hanging chads and what have you but no one declaring winner. This was after Al Gore conceded then contested the election. The counties in Florida that were brought into question had a history of up to 25 percent spoiled ballots during previous elections.

Funny thing about that, they were run and had been run by Democrats for years.

This election, I believe there was more irregular voting than in any I have seen or read about. I was a polling inspector from the time shortly after retiring from the U.S. Navy until they did away with in-person voting. The things being reported are against the law and highly irregular to say the least.

Republican poll watchers being removed from the counting and kept away while boxes of votes were brought in. Affidavits from those working attesting to mass changing of ballots and thousands of ballots coming in with only one box marked and that for Biden.

The press went ahead and declared a winner even though several court challenges were outstanding and numerous questions raised about the validity of the election.

The week after the election, while numerous recounts and court challenges were ongoing, Biden was anointed president-elect by the press, while the press has continually ignored the highly irregular voting nationwide.

Joe Biden is not the president-elect yet. He will not have that title until after the electoral college or House of Representatives declare a winner. Until that time, he is still just a candidate.

Trump is still president, and we are facing a challenge not seen in the United States of America in the last 140 years. If you cannot figure that out, it was the election of Abraham Lincoln

Joseph Moreland

Oak Harbor