Letter: Carrie Kennedy lives according to her values


I’ve personally known Carrie for almost 30 years, initially through my workplace, which subsequently developed into friendship. Carrie and her husband Lloyd Potter are a very special couple who display their conservative beliefs in their everyday contacts and behavior.

Carrie walks and talks her conservative values and beliefs and I would stake my reputation on Carrie’s broad knowledge of the issues facing our district and county as well as our country today, in any debate forum.

I, Patti Ruple, cherish my lifelong reputation as an American patriot, Christian, conservative, U.S. Navy widow and defender of our United States Constitution, so I do not make these claims lightly!

To know Carrie is to know for a certainty that she’s a fighter for freedom, liberty and our American Constitutional way of life.

Our government is the American People’s Government, not the country club of the wealthy, elite or wannabes.

If you truly want to know the candidates, their values and their character, please do the research:

1: Google each candidate and their statements regarding the reasons they want to represent their district and constituents.

2: Go to; ballotpedia.org, for an in-depth coverage of each candidate and their responses to the questions.

3: Go to the Washington State Public Disclosure Commission accountability disclosure, pdc.wa.gov, to which every candidate must be accountable and disclose their actual financial receipts, expenditures and other financial information!

Then you can determine how the candidate’s spend your money as well as theirs, and if they use your donations wisely in accordance with your values and beliefs. I did it and it’s an eye opener, believe me.

Patti Ruple