Letter: Choice between science-based leadership or uncertain future


Angie Homola is the outstanding choice for State Representative, Pos. 1 for the 10th Legislative District. That is the seat served for the past 14 years by the retiring Norma Smith.

Now, as never before, our Puget Sound region and the entire state of Washington face growing challenges. Whether it be local affordable housing and access to health care or the greater problems of transitioning to a more equitable and sustainable economy and mitigating and reducing the effects of climate change, we need the brilliant leadership that only Angie Homola can provide.

Angie won the strongest endorsement from the Sno-Isle Chapter of the Sierra Club, of which I am a member, because of her firm grasp of issues such as: banning suction dredge mining, protecting salmon, adopting low carbon fuel standards, extending broadband, and fixing state and county permitting loopholes that are needed to reduce forest clear-cutting.

The depth of her knowledge and understanding of our challenges is evident from her priorities prominently listed on her website.

In stark contrast, her opponent’s website does not show any meaningful legislative goals. Instead, he merely states: “Some people say we have to choose between fighting COVID-19 and restarting our economy. This is a false choice — other states and other countries prove that honest leaders can achieve both.”

Mr. Gilday fails to recognize that our president and his enablers have been dishonest and have not waged a fight against the pandemic. Instead, they offer the false hope that “herd immunity” will allow us to “reopen” the economy and schools with no need for personal responsibility.

At all levels of government, we have the choice between good, science-based, Democratic leadership, such as what Angie Homola will provide in Olympia, or we can remain mired in a hobbled economy and an uncertain future.

Malcolm Cumming


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