Letter: Citizen interests not represented by a ‘clique’


When I read last Saturday’s edition of the South Whidbey Record, I was dismayed — and disappointed.

To think that anyone running for a nonpartisan elected office would run as a “slate” is flabbergasting to me.

Frankly, we elect a variety of people to represent the variety of people that we are. A “slate” of those who agree on like-minded topic is the farthest thing from representation of the full scope of the people.

The so-called “Team Langley” of Gail Fleming, Rhonda Solerno and Harolynne Bobis is, in my view, a clique. We do not elect cliques, we elect independently minded representatives who will represent everyone, not a clique of those who think they should influence our values and decisions.

I look forward to a city council that represents the full variety of citizens that live in Langley, do business in Langley and visit Langley. The citizens interests cannot be represented by a “slate,” nor by a “clique.”

Running for city council is serious business, with legal responsibilities.

Leanne Finlay