Letter: Corrupt government should be investigated


Well, it’s about to happen. Will happen. The U.S. Congress just rolled over to the Executive Branch, taking with it the right of the people to redress their grievances. Make no mistake about it. This is the tug between the serf and lord, the labor union and corporation, the tenant and landlord, the colonies and king. And the people just got knocked down and stepped on.

We need now to get back up, dust ourselves off and vote this guy out of office.

Totalitarian regimes have enablers who promulgate turning the truth on its head; the state is invincible since it has its citizens’ interests at heart.

Isn’t it ironic, down this fascist rabbit hole, that what the Trump administration claimed, that all cabinet members, advisers, anyone associated with his office, has immunity from subpoena, cannot be investigated? This was the first act of business addressed by the new Ukrainian Legislature, with new President Zelensky, something they stayed up late in the night to accomplish, to remove the provisions from their previous governments that government officials could not be investigated for corruption.

I’m as pissed as a guy who goes to his bank to make a withdrawal and they refuse to give him his own money.

Steven V. Horton


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