Letter: Cut emissions so our children can thrive


The birth of our first grandchild last week deepened the commitment I made to the future when I had my two daughters.

Life is uncertain, but it shouldn’t be the type of uncertainty our children and grandchildren face with unchecked, or inadequately checked, climate change.

As a retired chemist and board-certified industrial hygienist who did air quality monitoring, using the regulatory process to protect people was my job. But that process is slow, narrowly targeted and influenced by those with resources. It can take years before a regulation is in force.

Climate change has many sources and impacts. The heaviest polluters freeload on those who pollute least.

We must act quickly, with broad impact. Polluting shouldn’t be free.

A price on carbon can be initiated outside the regulatory process, with economy-wide impact, making polluters pay.

Importantly, a price on carbon can be included in budget reconciliation.

I urge senators Maria Cantwell and Patty Murray to include carbon pricing in the reconciliation package.

A price on carbon will catalyze initiatives for clean energy, trade and jobs.

Go big and bold on climate. Reduce emissions at the scope, scale and speed needed to let our kids thrive on a planet of diversity and abundance.

Julie Nowak


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