Letter: Democracy depends on your votes for Democrats, Biden

Letter to the Editor.


We are killing the earth, and we are killing each other.

How can we say America is a great country, when degraded standards of decency, disrespect for others, incitement to violence and overt racism are all part of this president’s political game book?

It’s not fake news when Bob Woodward’s tapes prove that Trump admits he didn’t want to cause panic by revealing to Americans the truth about the coronavirus.

The result of Trump’s incompetence: 190,000 dead Americans and counting. So many moral absolutists, in their jihad against abortion rights, should take notice of all those who have died by their support of this immoral, disgusting man who lacks any empathy for those who suffer. Is the appointment of conservative judges on the Supreme Court worth all these unnecessary deaths?

Whatever happened to the idea of separation of church and state?

The military should consider this president’s allegiance to Putin’s Russia.

I have no doubt that he has shared intelligence with Putin, our most worrisome adversary. Putin knows something that the president does not want revealed; he is glad for any help to win this election, even illegally. We still haven’t seen his tax returns, but we do know of his rip-offs of Trump University college students, use of charitable donations for self benefit, charging huge amounts of money for the Secret Service to stay at his hotels.

Listen up taxpayer, Trump is planning for you to pay for his legal defense against a woman who claims he raped her. He won’t, however, approve of any additional revenue benefits to Americans who lost their jobs and businesses in the COVID-19 economy.

Fat-cat Republicans like Mitch McConnell have their pots of gold and are not willing to share it with our struggling middle class.

Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security are all on the block to be cut or eliminated. Even during this pandemic, Trump couldn’t care less if you have health care. He would rather prioritize grand military parades or spend a third of his presidency on the golf course.

Speaking of Republicans who support this president, take a look at the candidates who attended the Aug. 29 Lincoln/Reagan Day Gala in Skagit County.

With a callous disregard for the health of others, at least 95 percent of the 410 attendees refused to wear masks or distance themselves or to obey Gov. Jay Inslee’s edict banning large gatherings.

Be very skeptical when these candidates, Ron Muzzall and Bill Bruch, tell you that they will do a better job than the opposition.

Ask yourself, a “better job” for whom? The coronavirus spreads easily in crowds; masklessness will prolong the return to a normal life and economy.

We are no longer a great country.

A great country elects honorable, intelligent leaders, and the people of a great country protect their democracy and communities.

They work together to achieve strength and order for the benefit of all. They recognize and ignore propaganda on Fox or Russian bots.

People of a great country read, listen to others, seek out truth, but always, always elect the person who represents the best of American values. Trump will attempt to be the “supreme leader” if given a second term. He is already calling for a life time presidency.

Vote for Democrats. Vote Biden and Harris.

Paulette Becker