Letter: Democrats don’t want prayers, flag, democracy or Constitution

Letter to the Editor


As expected, the pro-Biden/Harris crowd is touting the vast benefits of that presidency, ignoring the increasingly obvious deterioration of Joe Biden’s cognitive state. That this serious issue should be a presidential disqualifier alone is not mentioned by any Democrats, not one.

This could, if Biden is elected, result in Democrats using our Constitution, Article 24, to remove him and seat VP Kamala Harris as president, a person who, when running as a candidate, was rejected by her own party, failing to receive even one delegate vote, for being too far left of even the most left.

Democrats promise much but deliver nothing. Their entire convention was full of gloom and doom for America, nothing positive, contrasted with America’s opportunity, promises, greatness and law and order by the Republicans. What have the Democrats in Washington done for us? They spent millions trying to impeach Trump, obstructed him at very turn, and now, holding up relief for small businesses until they get money to bail out failed Democrat cities and states going bankrupt.

They accuse Trump of killing 190,000 people, as if he could have done more, or anything, to prevent it. Democrats, including Biden, called him a racist for stopping flights from China. Biden can’t name a single thing he would have done differently if he had been president other than refusing to restrict travel from China, which would have resulted in more dead Americans.

Trump saved lives in spite of Democrats. Trump acted when he finally received accurate information, and not from the WHO, that was doing the bidding of China, to downplay the virus.

What can we expect under Democrats? Most likely not even one thing good for America, its citizens or the economy. How will repealing Trump’s tax cuts help us? That would greatly increase taxes on the working class and companies to provide free stuff for all the illegals flooding across our Democrat-opened-wide borders?

How will the extremely costly, economy-stifling Green New Deal create jobs when millions of jobs will be lost in the petroleum and its byproduct industries, yet building solar panels and windmills that still require fossil fuels to manufacture, erect and maintain? Will they promote law and order, rein in Black Lives Matter and antifa rioters or are they still just peaceful protesters?

Democrats claim Trump must be defeated to save our democracy. In truth, Democrats do not care or want prayers, our flag, democracy or Constitution and are pushing for a Marxist/Socialist country with themselves running it. If they get in, watch the U.S. Supreme Court be packed with an increased number of leftist justices, changes in our electoral system to the popular vote, wide-open borders, free college and student loan forgiveness that rubs noses into the dirt of all those that fully paid for their education and now have to pay for someone else to get it free.

Money will be taken from defense for social and climate change programs that absolutely do nothing except provide high paying jobs for those administering such programs. Economy-stifling regulation will increase. If they’ve done nothing positive for four years, they’ll start doing something if we elect them? We’re to believe them based on what?

Ed Hickey

Oak Harbor

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