Letter: Does ‘inclusivity’ mean beating someone from other party?


Since when is it okay for our Republican candidates for high state office to stand by and watch while a group of their ardent supporters harass and physically assault a member of the public attending an “all are welcome” Fourth of July event in Oak Harbor?

Yes, the (alleged) victim, Zach Wurst is a Democrat, but he was just sitting there quietly listening. What were the Republican candidates saying that was so secret — in a field next to Walmart, under a clear blue sky, with dozens of people listening — that they couldn’t let anyone record the day’s activities?

Ron Muzzall, our recently appointed state senator, said into the microphone while the harassment was going on that one of the things he liked about Whidbey Island was that it is so inclusive. Then, his supporters proceeded to forcibly eject Mr. Wurst, knock him down, and allegedly beat him.

Is that what is meant these days when we talk about “inclusivity?”

Diane Kendy