Letter: Donald Trump is a danger to country’s democracy


When Donald Trump was a boy he attended a birthday party and threw cake at the other children. His parents could not control his behavior, so they sent him to military school. He will go down in history as one of the most amoral, uninformed, dishonest, thin-skinned, erratic presidents of all time. He communicates by tweet (he of the 200-word vocabulary), spends his days watching Fox News and governs in fits of pique and whim. He has told at last count over 13,000 lies or exaggerations while in office. He has destroyed relationships with allies, cozies up to dictators and is, frankly, the laughing stock of the world. He thinks every single department of the people’s government is there to do his bidding.

He believes the rules that have held for over 200 years don’t apply to him. Countless people who voted for him are finding their finances negatively impacted by his policies, or will if they haven’t already. For all these reasons and more, he is a danger to our democracy. I pray every day for the end of his administration and for a return to civility, honesty, reason and sanity.

Anne Wickstrand


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