Letter: Don’t blue lives matter, too?


One question keeps reoccurring in my mind. That is…just when is the public going to show the same righteous indignation and contempt over the death or serious injury suffered by our courageous police officers in the line of duty? And it’s happening every week in numerous cities all over the country while nobody except the victim’s family and other police officers seem to care.

Why is there not rioting, looting, arsons etc. when a cop is killed? There is no widespread publicity or violent action that was fostered by the Black Lives Matter movement. I ask, don’t All Lives Matter? It has also become quite obvious that police officers are most often hurt, or worse yet, killed by felons with long records but who are allowed to run amok by lenient judges and prosecutors. Often it is heard “we just don’t have enough judges, public defenders, courts to deal with so many arrests.”

Well, guess what, it’s the same revolving door with these felons. What happened to three strikes and you’re out? Put these murderers, rapists and the like away on one strike and you’re out and that’ll solve most of the problem. The routine which has now become common: Crook commits crime, arrested, comes to court, released on own recognizance, doesn’t appear, bench warrant issued, rearrested, back to courts, released again and you see the picture. All the while committing more crimes.

And it fails me why the cities are always saying “we need to form a committee to deal this crime rise.” A committee? Really? And often it focuses on “guns.” Guns are not the problem…crooks who use them are the problem. Never see the mandatory use a gun during a crime and it’s an additional five years being used. Put the crooks away with meaningful sentences and crime will subside. Blue Lives Matter.

Fred Stilwell

Oak Harbor