Letter: Don’t like the deer in Coupeville? Move to the city


Regarding the deer in Coupeville article by Kira Erickson in the March 2 Whidbey News-Times, this assault on our wildlife must end. The deer are simply trying to survive with humans invading more of their habitat with each new house built. Nature keeps the balance when left alone, but there are no natural predators left. It has been proven that culling or “shooting” deer is outdated and will only result in the deer breeding more.

The best solution is to use birth control to prevent the deer from breeding for three year intervals.

Time for Coupeville to evolve and learn to live with our wildlife. It is what we love about being in the country away from the city. It is worth deer poo in my life front yard, I just pick it up or use it for fertilizer.

The truth is that these deer, when left alone, do not bother anyone, and they are wild. These deer are not aggressive. However a deer may react to human aggression! Deer are intelligent animals and recognize people that have been aggressive toward them. Deer are gentle and kind creatures and feeding them an apple occasionally should be OK.

There are people who won’t be happy until every deer is gone. Those people need to move to the city. These deer have just as much right to be here as humans. It is time to evolve, Coupeville. Living in Coupeville means living in peace and harmony with the wildlife.

In future you might find out the truth before printing exaggerated opinions from people that have nothing better to do than pick on the defenseless deer that they are harassing.

Michelle Peacock


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