Letter: Electromagnetic radiation has hidden health hazards


Having tuned into the Langley City Council meeting on Nov. 16 to see Mark Wahl’s presentation about “smart” meters and city codes pertaining to telecommunication installations, I was surprised when the meeting started with two Puget Sound Energy representatives describing their company’s plan to “roll out” “smart” meters on Whidbey Island in 2022-23.

According to the reps, PSE’s highest priority is always the health and safety of their customers.

Not once did they acknowledge any of the health issues, safety hazards or financial hardships that “smart” meters have caused in the United States.

Fortunately, Mark’s presentation alerted the council to some of the dangers that smart meters may impose on an unsuspecting public.

I have come to realize that many people who consider themselves well-informed and well-educated have no idea of the hazards surrounding human-made electromagnetic radiation.

On a personal note, a dear friend rode a medical roller coaster trying to find the cause of her insomnia, frequent headaches and lack of stamina.

Eventually she was able to correlate the start of her symptoms with the installation of rows of “smart’ meters in the apartment complex right next to her house.

Only by selling her house and finding a place free of electromagnetic radiation exposure did her health improve.

There are thousands of people like her. It is documented.

Electromagnetic sensitivity builds up gradually. Until it reaches a certain threshold, depending on your age, immune system strength, environmental factors, general health, etc., everything seems fine.

Then, one day, and from then on, your health is compromised by exposure to certain frequencies.

If you want to inform yourself.

Detmar Straub


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