Letter: Felici has been strong county sheriff


There is no substitute for calm, steady leadership, which Rick Felici has shown as our sheriff these past four years, in the face of trickle-down economic and cultural decline. Rick Felici lives our conservative values, as evidenced by his family life and community involvement. But his focus is Island County’s public safety. He understands the difference between politics and the job we elected him to do in 2018.

He hasn’t, and won’t, make wild campaign promises that he knows he can’t keep. He knows exactly what is required of him as sheriff and is committed to doing that and more.

In spite of COVID lockdowns and state-imposed mandates on businesses, Rick has successfully brought change to the Island County Sheriff’s Office that is required by the evolving needs and demands of our community. An example: obtaining body cameras for the deputies, which has been good for the deputies and for the public without increasing the sheriff’s budget. Instituting performance evaluations offers personnel guidance that in turn gives them opportunity to grow and improve job performance.

As well, Rick has been working with other state and county agencies and private businesses to resolve legislatively-created issues such as the vehicle “homesteaders” taking up residence on public properties or abandoning RVs on county rights-of-way. Sheriff Felici is always looking for effective, long-term solutions to the problems we face as a community, regardless of where they originate.

He understands the role of the sheriff’s office within the larger picture of law and justice, negotiating for staffing and equipment for corrections as well as the criminal and civil divisions. He also respects the individuals in the department, encouraging training, growth and leadership development within all three divisions.

We deserve to have such a man as our Island County Sheriff for another four years. Please vote for Rick Felici, Island County sheriff.

Terresa Hobbs

Oak Harbor