Letter: Felici is the right man for the job


We strongly elected Rick Felici as our sheriff in 2018 and since then he has proved our confidence in him was correct. His law enforcement experience is unchallenged, having started with the U.S. Navy as patrol officer and then SWAT; OHPD reserve officer; corrections officer; and with Island County as a detective, a precinct sergeant, a detective sergeant, and as the chief criminal deputy. He has experienced first hand these roles and that is important to those he leads, so that they know he understands what they experience daily.

Because he has served so well as our sheriff for the past four years, he truly knows and understands his role and limits as sheriff. He knows his role as sheriff is to organize, train and equip all branches within the department no matter what their role. He understands it is the Island County judicial system’s responsibility for prosecution and sentencing and he has established a good relationship with that office. He’s made sure his office has correctly completed required and necessary paperwork, followed procedures properly to ensure prosecutions are able to proceed within the parameters of the current laws.

I think most important of all is that Rick Felici realizes, and has demonstrated in the past four years, that as sheriff he is responsible to all citizens, not just those who are the loudest. He feels strongly that the victim of any crime doesn’t care about politics, they want to feel safe.

I spoke earlier of the Sheriff Felici’s experience, what about his opponent’s? He’s not supervised even a small group of others in his role as deputy, but he wants to supervise the entire sheriff’s department. What does he bring that makes him qualified to lead, supervise and gain the respect of the deputies who will be working for him? Thirty years of patrol — thank you. Any further law enforcement qualifications or training? It’s extremely important to have supervisory experience so you can lead and have the respect of those who work for you. I’ve seen no evidence of this.

In closing, I ask that you vote for and re-elect Rick Felici for Island County sheriff, the man with the knowledge, leadership and proven experience necessary for this job.

Dana Ledford

Oak Harbor