Letter: Free speech doesn’t justify racist letter


I already know that I’m surrounded by racists in this community. Why is it necessary for the local newspaper to regularly dignify and publish their viewpoints in the letters to the editor section?

Wednesday’s example, “Don’t want to get killed? Then don’t commit crimes” was especially egregious.

In other words, on Whidbey Island it’s socially acceptable to call for extrajudicial executions and chest-beat about it, essentially calling for lynchings. We all know the disclaimers about not supporting such things are in bad faith.

I’m autistic and I can see that.

Maybe next week you could publish someone’s opinions on how we should turn Oak Harbor into a sundown town, to keep the fair white women, Christian and virtuous safe from the brutish negroes?

The “free speech” justification is hollow, and it’s not newsworthy that people think these things. You’re just helping Nazis, and I think you’re aware of that deep down.

Michael King

Oak Harbor

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