Letter: Gets hackles up when sees flagrant abuses


As an independent candidate for commissioner with no fund raising I relied on The Record to get my views out. In a Record candidate article I was reported as not returning calls? I never received any? Things were printed that are not accurate. One is that I have a grudge against Gordon, not true. Gordon stated that I am obsessed with him? He has too big an opinion of himself.

I would have brought a very different approach and solid business background than other candidates. They all state different ways they would compassionately cut programs. That is nuts and defeatist. The solution is to increase tax income to continue and expand services.

I would run the office as I did my 15 businesses. When times were lean I figured out how to bring in more business, not cower and layoff employees. I was the only one with a plan to make Whidbey a year round tourist attraction. No candidates know how to right the ship and increase revenue.

It is too late for me and too late for voters.

I also ran to inform taxpayers how many millions Gordon has obligated you to and how much more is to come. I spent hundreds of hours obtaining records that paint a clear picture of abuses. I believe they show Gordon has either not told the truth, had no clue as to the law or that the mortgage is part of the marina expenses?

With the mortgage the marina loses $50,000 every year, yet Curt claims it breaks even? Curt thinks by adding “business plan” to the fairgrounds vision plan it makes it so? Not according to the author Marty Matthews. Curt spent $30,000 for a parking study that never considered Whidbey’s needs? Curt wasted $100,000 for a failed parking lot that was probably not legally pursued. Curt gave false information to you and the Record time and again with no remorse or shame.

A grudge against Curt? Ridiculous! I’m just fed up with stories, half-truths and Gordon not having any concerns when he wastes our tax dollars. I guess my biggest problem is I get my hackles up when I see such flagrant abuses.

We all work too hard for our money to be flushed down the drain. Email me for the facts and demand Gordon straighten up his act, stick to facts and use normal businesses practices for port spending.

Ed Jenkins