Letter: Gilday opposed common sense gun control bill


According to the Washington House Republican Twitter feed, @WaHouseGOP, state Rep. Greg Gilday (Republican in LD-10) spoke last March 5 against ESSB 5078, the successfully passed legislation that put limits on the capacity of gun magazines.

Rep. Gilday complained that the proposed legislation would not allow family members to transfer high-capacity ammo magazines among each other. He spoke against the proposed law because it would apply to everybody – in effect not allowing a “friends and family carve-out”.

In addition, while presenting himself as a gun expert, Mr. Gilday used a questioning technique worthy of Tucker Carlson to ask whether a gun magazine capable of holding 30 rounds of ammunition should be banned if the same magazine could be used to merely hold 10 rounds.

If you have come to believe that guns that can fire 70 rounds of ammunition in one minute do not belong in the hands of an 18-year-old kid hooked on gun-worshiping social media, you might think twice before casting a primary vote to reelect Greg Gilday.

His opponent, 8-year Navy veteran Clyde Shavers, understands that weapons of war do not belong on the streets and in the schools and grocery stores of Whidbey and Camano islands. Clyde deserves your support and your vote in the upcoming August 2nd primary.

Malcolm Cumming