Letter: Gill is not qualified, vote for Fleming


Today’s article about the Langley City Council race between Gail Fleming, as a write-in candidate, and Tony Gill reminded me to write in support of Gail Fleming. To me, there is no question about which to vote for.

Both have lived in Langley for many, many years. Fleming has served for decades on various city boards and commissions. Tony Gill, despite his long residence here, has never bothered to actually try to help or be involved with the city in any way.

Tony Gill shows how unqualified he is by simultaneously demanding that storm water and sewage problems be fixed and that the city not increase rates for utilities. You can’t have both, as he would know if he had been involved with the painful discussions the city has been having the last few years about rates versus repair needs.

Gill wants low- and moderate-income housing in Langley? What has he actually done to try to make it happen? Absolutely nothing. Fleming, by contrast, has actually helped bring one such community about.

And why is he talking about crime in Langley? There is almost literally no crime in Langley. This is a non-issue.

Finally, it’s just a bad idea to have a father and son both be council members. If Tony wanted another conservative voice on the council, he should have persuaded one of his friends to run.

Please write in Gail Fleming on your ballot for Position 5.

Sharon Emerson


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