Letter: Government is taking away our freedom


Apparently, I have a different outlook on what a democracy is, and what constitutes a dictatorship than does frequent letter writer Nancy Meyer. Her tirade against Republicans indicates only that she is misinformed about how this country works. We are a republic, not a democracy and governed by law, not whim.

While I too fear that we are just one step away from a tyrannical despot taking away our freedoms, I see the administrative state as the real villain. These are the people who wield power to silence dissidence, coerce compliance and advance their power over the populace. The last fourteen years have been an example of how we as a nation have been sold out to, for a better word, oligarchs bent on making the “shining light on the hill” just another candy store for the elites.

Why else would Barack Obama weaponize the IRS, the Justice Department, FBI and every other bureau he could. Donald Trump never grasped how deep the corruption went, but still managed to succeed where a lessor man would fail. Joe Biden is the ultimate swamp creature, and even his own party is turning away from him. Do we really need an armed IRS?

Example: Over a year and half after the January 6th demonstrations, people whose only crime was to follow the crowd into the capitol are rotting in prison without being charged, while a television crew who committed the same infraction are free to go about their business without even a ticket to their names.

Example: Parents who complain about information that is being introduced in their schools are being investigated as terrorists, while a group that burned down large portions of major cities are ignored and even celebrated.

Example: People connected to President Trump are being targeted with early morning raids by the FBI while Joe Biden’s son can sell blow art and political access to the President for outrageous prices and suffer no consequences.

Example: In direct violation of federal law, voted on by both parties, protesters are picketing Supreme Court justice’s homes.

These are things that happen in a dictatorship, not in a democracy. That we finally had a Supreme Court decision that overturned a political decision in Roe, is not a move to tyranny, but a move back to democracy where people in each state can decide what rules to live by.

That there is so much hate aimed at people like Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis is that they point out that our “last bastion of freedom” is at risk and needs a complete cleansing.

I know that I am making an argument that is the antithesis to the editors of this and other news organizations and I doubt it will be printed, but at least I tried.

Fred Wilferth