Letter: Government, media put out confusing COVID messages


In the recent letters to the editor, a group of local physicians and medical professionals urged everyone to get vaccinated. While I applaud the sentiment, I still question the need for all people to be vaccinated.

The problem I see is the confusing messages put out by the media, government and drug companies. No one seems to have a clue, but want unquestioned obedience to Draconian rules.

It is hard to see the logic to getting a vaccine for a disease that one has already recovered from, and has better antibodies then those from the vaccine. That children may get the virus is not in doubt, but how many will perish from it?

Is the number greater than those who will succumb from the flu? We care for our children, but the vaccine is still not fully vetted. Should we use our offspring as guinea pigs?

What are the downsides? I can’t prove that my current condition is caused by the vaccine, but it happened after my second injection. Why are people who have been vaccinated still getting COVID?

In a free society we require a free flow of information so that we may make decisions, good or bad, that affect us. That is what we are missing in this pandemic and it is time we let those who have usurped our right to choose that we want it back.

Give us good information, and if you don’t know, say so. We are not afraid of the truth, just ineptitude and tyranny.

Fred Wilferth


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