Letter: Gym taking steps to make sure its patrons feel safe


Kudos to Island Athletic Club: For most of my life I played team sports outdoors. Now that I’m a “senior,” I no longer play sports and get my exercise at the gym.

During self-quarantine, I put on weight and yearned for the gym to open.

When IAC opened, I had trepidation going to the gym. However, I felt I had to get exercise for my mental and physical well being.

Also, I didn’t want to buy a new wardrobe for my new weight class.

When I went to the gym for the first time since they reopened, I was greatly and pleasantly surprised at the efforts the staff went to ensure the safety of the members. The equipment and bikes are spread far apart. Precautions are taken so that no one is admitted who is sick or feeling ill. The members are diligent in disinfecting the equipment before and after using each machine.

I feel safe in this environment. I once again am a regular at the gym and spinning classes and look forward to seeing my old friends at the gym.

Kenny Cohen