Letter: Hit piece says more about challenger than Dave Paul


Dave Paul is a champion of education. He is the father of a teenage daughter and son and has dedicated his life to the education of children and young adults.

A recent hit piece mailed out by his opponent is disgusting and factually wrong on every count, except for the fact that Dave did support SB 5395.

It is sad when a Republican candidate for the Washington State House of Representatives doesn’t even show up for the League of Women Voters forum, and then, for lack of anything positive to say about himself, resorts to a sleazy mailer making false accusations about his opponent.

Dave Paul has represented all the residents of the 10th Legislative District during his first term and has developed a reputation for listening and working across party lines.

I hope you will join me in returning Dave Paul to the State House for another two years. If you have any questions about Dave’s positions, please check out his website.

Art Huffine

Oak Harbor