Letter: Impeachment hearings were not fabricated


I read Ed Hickey’s letter (Whidbey News-Times, April 6) and found some of his assertions in defense of Donald Trump astonishing. Mr. Hickey asserts that there were two “fabricated impeachments” against Trump. But these impeachment hearings were televised and like many others I listened to them at length. The evidence presented by numerous credible witnesses, who had served this country for years with distinction, was compelling and very disturbing. It showed that Mr. Trump had no regard for the constitution and, contrary to what Ed Hickey argued, made it plain that he put his own interests and ego ahead of the well-being of the country.

Did Mr. Hickey not watch these proceedings? Apparently not! And if not, then how did he reach the conclusion that they were “fabricated”? Finally, I would suggest that anyone who thinks that Donald Trump puts country and citizens ahead of his own interest Google “narcissistic personality disorder.” The extent to which Trump’s actual behavior fits with the criteria for this disorder is frightening, especially since he plans to run for the office of president in 2024.

Steen Halling