Letter: It’s easy for an outsider to criticize Growler victims


I just had to respond to the letter in the South Whidbey Record of July 10 from Joe Kunzler of Sedro-Woolley. Joe refers to the people who oppose the sonic torture of the Growlers as “noise whiners.”

He’s here to tell the people who live and work in the proximity of this sonic torture that he is a big backer of the Navy and is more than happy to give his opinion on what is and what isn’t patriotism.

He suggests the signs of these “pathetic noise whiners” should be flying the Confederate flag instead of “Old Glory,” intimating their lack of patriotism in his view.

He also states that people who live in the area should sell out because he’s heard “it’s a seller’s market right now.”

I would like to point out that Sedro-Woolley is a fair distance from the area where the people who are being abused by the Navy and find it beyond just simple hubris that he would chime in to tell the people of the affected region to “just suck it up buttercup, sell out and move.”

I would like to connect a few dots for Joe.

There were two other letters, “What is climate change? The weather is changing” from Daniel Goldsmith and “DNC is failing to spotlight threat of climate change” from Diane Driver. These are important letters.

Read these two letters, Joe. You may not know that the American military is by far the biggest consumer of oil on earth. This is precisely the reason that wherever there is oil there is also the U.S. military to “defend their oil.”

This unfettered military consumption of resources is absolutely unsustainable, so you see Joe, it isn’t all about sonic torture or your idea of “patriotism.” It’s about how humans want to live going forward.

It’s obvious to me that what America is doing is not working for humanity or of benefit to our species.

Dan Freeman


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