Letter: It’s time to put a stop to his incompetent leadership


A fifth migrant child died in U.S. custody at the southern border this year. Prior to this, it was 10 years since there was a death — still too many.

Trump’s people are still separating children from parents. We have the means to keep the border secure without these inhuman methods.

There are border personnel, fences, TV, drones, helicopters, boats and planes. They recently spent a billion taxpayer dollars for a mile of fence.

I hope Trump is proud of his record. Another of his “best people,” Ben Carson, in charge of the HUD, was on the hill for a hearing and after two and a half years, still knowing nothing of his job.

He is more concerned with a dining room table, dishwasher and dishes for himself than the 4.4 million people waiting for help with housing. He did not even know how many are being affected.

His performance was unbelievable, sad and pathetic.

He smirked his way through, as if a big joke to him.

The cruelty, waste and incompetence of Trump and his people is astonishing, besides his disregard of laws, obstruction and non-cooperation with Congress ad nauseam.

He must go, we must impeach him, or have to hear from him, for a year and a half more, how he did nothing wrong, citing the House’s inaction as proof.

This is too long to wait and too much to bear.

The time is now; Congress step up.

Nancy Mayer


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