Letter: Just say no to sex education in schools


Imagine that your elementary-aged son has had his third dental filling done in the past year. You wonder what is going on. You see him brush his teeth, and your family follows a proper diet. What’s wrong with his teeth?

One morning, as you are putting laundry in his room, you notice a pulled-out drawer full of candy and candy wrappers! When your son arrives home from school, you ask him about it.

He says he gets the candy from school. They have a bowl in each room. They say that children have the right to enjoy the pleasure of sugar.

“But it’s not good for you or your teeth! You know our rules about sweets. Only occasionally and with permission.”

“Mom, you’re so old-fashioned. At school, they told us you’d say that.”

You investigate the situation and discover that a dental association has funded a “sugar for pleasure” curriculum to get kids hooked on sugar. With kids eating more sugar, the dentists will have more customers. And the children are headed down the road toward diabetes, obesity, and other health issues.

Far-fetched as this story may seem, a similar plot is being carried out in the schools.

Planned Parenthood and similar organizations write and lobby for comprehensive sexuality education (CSE) curriculum. Under the guise of health and anti-bullying lessons, these curricula expose children to pornography and sexual activities, even in kindergarten. For example, see the picture book, “It’s Perfectly Normal” for 10-14 year olds.

Students are told that they have sexual rights and that they should advocate for them. By whetting this appetite at an early age, Planned Parenthood builds its customer base. It makes millions while destroying the innocence of children.

Should such commercialism and criminal activity (showing porn to minors) be allowed in our schools?

Stealing the innocence of children and sexualizing them is wrong. It leads to the increase of abortions, divorce, STDs, suicides, nihilism, violence, poverty, homelessness, drug use, objectification of women and other destructive behaviors. Such instruction is the same as handing out drugs and alcohol in the classroom.

At this time, Washington schools can choose whether or not to teach CSE. But the state legislature now wants to take away the local schools’ choice and make CSE mandatory.

SB 5395 will also make CSE an integral part of the district’s curriculum, weaving in sexual topics into all the other subjects at school. By doing so, it will be impossible for parents to opt-out their children from CSE. This integration takes away parental rights.

This bill also requires the CSE curriculum to be “skills-based.” In addition to teaching condom usage to grade-school children, what else might be included?

SB 5395 has already passed in the state senate. Please contact your state representatives and the governor and tell them to oppose SB 5395/HB 2184.

Protect our children. Say no to Comprehensive Sexuality Education.

Lorinda Newton


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