Letter: Melting pot nation should resist divisions


On most issues, I am a liberal, but I have a big conservative streak and I have some big questions about big issues that drive us apart.

I am pro-life, in that every life is precious and should have a strong foundation of love, education and nourishment. I also believe that a woman has the right to choose what happens in and to her body, just like the state cannot coerce us into getting a vaccine shot. why don’t people who give the state the right to make a woman keep an unwanted pregnancy also want the state to help such women with programs that help their children grow into strong, healthy adults.

I agree that people have a right to own guns for hunting, and protection of their homes, families and threats to their own lives. I don’t understand why citizens have a right to guns that can kill dozens of people in a few minutes. Help me: Why can’t we draw a line?

I am pro-family. Strong families are the ballast of a good society. I don’t understand why they have to be Christian. I know loving muslim families, loving Jewish families, and loving families with two moms or two dads. Isn’t it the love and stability we cherish in this melting pot, live-and-let-live nation?

I think the media — mainstream, alternative, online and on TV — are fomenting hate while neighbors on this island, and in America, are tolerant and generous. I think we should resist those who drive us apart to win elections, make more money or inflate their egos.

I welcome comments that help clarify these puzzling issues.

Vicki Robin