Letter: Navy is not above the law, should be part of solution


The Navy League has widely propagandized its rosy notions about the EA-18G Growlers stationed at Naval Air Station Whidbey Island. The League’s missives are an undisguised attempt to undermine the federal court’s recent decisions against the Navy and its Growlers.

They make unfounded claims that businesses are thriving, that wildlife and marine mammals are problem-free, and that visitors flock to Deception Pass to watch and hear the Growler practices. In reality, visitors flee from Deception Pass when Growlers fly, and a recent Coupeville Town Council survey placed jet noise as the biggest threat to livability in central Whidbey.

They propose that the Navy should be excused from its huge greenhouse gas emissions, that the effects of Growler noise on childhood learning and wildlife pale to the Navy’s interests, and that the court-mandated examination of a better Growler practice venue amounts to a ridiculous waste of time.

Our country is based on a tradition and belief in the law. The federal court’s recent decision demanding the Navy fix its broken EIS and in the interim find ways to reduce the multiple impacts — such as by moving some Growlers to other airfields— should be respected, not denigrated.

COER maintains that the Navy and its mission, important as both are, should not be above the law and invite the Navy League to be a part of the solution – not simply a cheerleader for the Navy.

Maryon Attwood

Founding COER Board Member