Letter: New booth at fair supported climate action


A new booth appeared at the Whidbey Island Fair this year. Along with the animal and 4H exhibits, face painting, music, tasty treats and commercial ventures, there arose a surprise tent labeled “Whidbey Climate Action,” promoting of all things, conversation about climate change.

To the backdrop of country music, Elvis and classic rock renditions — hundreds of conversations related to awareness and practical responses to mitigate and adapt to human caused climate change ensued. This unique venture emerged from the joint efforts of three local groups promoting action to address our changing climate.

Comfortable chairs and a cool drink of water created a setting for listening to fairgoer concerns about our degrading climate… The end result was a sharing of ideas on how our community might promote practical ways to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and make adaptive preparations for the future.

These three supporting groups were Whidbey Chapter of Citizens’ Climate Lobby, which has been active for eight years as a nonprofit, nonpartisan, grassroots advocacy climate change organization focused on national policies to address the climate challenge;

United Student Leaders, or USL, an active group of Whidbey Island students founded in 2019 who are actively promoting equity and pushing for change in their community, specifically in areas of climate action and educational reform;

And Langley Climate Crisis Action Committee, which came into being one year ago after the Langley City Council adopted a resolution to declare a climate emergency in response to a resolution proposed by USL. Their goals are to reduce greenhouse gasses, instigate local climate adaptation, promote climate legislation and foster relevant dialogue.

Many thanks to that host of volunteers from these groups for making this novel endeavor happen.

Dean Enell, Terra Anderson, Maggie Nattress, Peter Morton, Julie Nowak, Derek Hoshiko, Linda Irvine