Letter: Opinion page cartoons are biased against Trump


I have been a customer of the South Whidbey Record for 30-plus years and continue to support having a locally printed paper; many friends have moved to getting all their news online, local and national. I prefer the local spin on things.

The only real issue I have with The Record is the editorial cartoon. Every week, the cartoon presents something derogatory about our president. It was cute, even slightly amusing, for the first year or so.

I happen to support our president and am really tired of the single-subject cartoons twice a week. Do the cartoonists not have a more imaginative subject?

I, for one, will stop receiving the newspaper if this continues to be the only subject addressed in the cartoon.

I’d personally prefer that it not be in the paper at all if he/she can’t speak to any other subjects.

End of rant.

Ivan Solkey

South Whidbey

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