Letter: Palestinians need to be saved from Hamas


In response to the May 24 article, “War in Gaza inspires small Oak Harbor vigil,” I’d like to offer a response.

One of the signs said, “Where is the humanity?”

Where was the humanity on Oct. 7 when non-combatants; innocent men, women and children were slaughtered? Where was the humanity when Hamas murdered parents in front of their children, and then murdered the children?

Where were these protestors when that happened? Why are they not protesting the release of the hostages? Why are they not protesting Hamas who are using “homes, hospitals, mosques, churches, schools, businesses and other buildings” as human shields?

The protesters are right about one thing: Palestinian people do need to be saved. But not from Israel; rather from Hamas and the violent ideology of Islamism which most of them support.

Israel is fighting against those that have explicitly said that want to end Israel and actually commit genocide. That’s much different than holding a sign and virtue signaling so you can go home and feel good about yourself.

Jimmy Sloan

Oak Harbor