Letter: People should model good behavior for the children


In reading the article in the South Whidbey Record and also seeing posts on Facebook, I am sensing a build up of frustration and sour energy surrounding our local schools.

What I am not hearing or seeing is an effort to work with the district and board.

Is the usual and unhelpful “them-versus-us” mentality prevalent? It has been my observation that 98 percent of our school staff and board have the same heartfelt desires and wishes for kids that parents do.

Most are parents themselves.

It really does takes a village.

So, rather than criticizing or stating what you don’t like or want, which is fairly easy to do, consider digging deeper.

What needs do you see?

Do others share this view? What do you have to offer the situation? Who can you work with in coming up with ideas and suggestions that could be offered?

How are those ideas best first offered — other parents, teachers, administration and school board?

How can parents and the community help the district achieve success?

By offering well thought out, researched suggestions and ideas, we can help to bridge the communication gap and build respect and grow the team/village.

Adults need to model how to be discerning and respectful in communication.

Focus on helpful and team building statements rather than complaining, finger pointing, repeating unconfirmed information or raising the “alarm.”

Children are watching. Model how to work within a community, not break it down.

Facing challenges together rather than divided, will reap far better results far sooner.

Shelly Ackerman


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