Letter: Pledge will neither help nor hinder board’s work


Discussion about the Pledge of Allegiance is a recent topic of the South Whidbey School Board. This follows on the heels of school property being defaced and stolen, and recent changes in the district’s curriculum.

The work of our school board is to provide leadership in the most appropriate and meaningful ways possible – and to this end, I feel the current board has achieved these goals. And it is because of the thoughtful and excellent work they are doing that I am supporting the three incumbents who will be up for re-election soon.

While adding a pledge to our nation’s flag to their meetings may be desirable for some, it will not help or hinder the excellent job the board has already been doing and will continue to do.

We can contrast this with the Jan. 6 violent, criminal assault on our nation’s capital, where many of those who took part were carrying and waving American flags. FBI Director Wray (appointed by Trump) said of this event:

“(We) will not tolerate violent extremists who use the guise of First Amendment-protected activity to wreak havoc and incite violence” … and this event “… demonstrates a willingness by some to use violence against the government in furtherance of their political and social goals.”

I do not intend to libel anyone by implying violence or abuse of our free speech rights. However, it is clear that just pledging to a flag or talking about one’s “rights” do not necessarily equate to actually believing in the ideals for which our nation and its flag stand.

A far more meaningful act will be when all South Whidbey residents abide by whatever decisions the SWSD Board make. We have voted in the board, and I believe they have done a fine job so far, and will continue to do so — with our support and help.

David Freed


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