Letter: Port should back off from buying airport


May I share with your readers the message I have sent to the commissioners of the Port of Coupeville tax district?

What can we taxpaying citizens do to get you to back away from the airport purchase? I sincerely hope that the following information will cause you to reconsider what you are obligating port citizens to.

I have seen no public commentary in favor of the port airport purchase. None!

I have talked to no Coupeville citizen who supports this purchase, and, as a member of the Coupeville Lions Club, I have been part of a number of conversations in this regard.

Why is it that the county commissioners and the Oak Harbor council members will provide you support, but aren’t willing to make the purchase on their own? Is it because they wisely realize that this purchase is potentially a long-term financial loss not worth the risk?

How can you justify this purchase when the site is not within the port boundaries and is of no discernible benefit to port taxpayers? Unless someone owns an airplane, there is no benefit. How many of your constituents qualify? For that reason, private ownership is appropriate.

How do you justify this investment while you let the Coupeville wharf decompose — a fixture that actually draws people to downtown Coupeville and supports your taxpayers?

Please, you folks need to back off from any involvement in this purchase.

Bill Roberts