Letter: President was blinded by thirst for power


In a country not so far away, there once was a president who believed he was above the rule of law. He saw the constitution as a hindrance to his desire to rule with unchecked power, just like his dictator friends in totalitarian countries.

This president began his term with promises of progress and prosperity for all. However, as time passed, his true colors started to emerge. He dismissed the importance of checks and balances, claiming that they only slowed down progress. He surrounded himself with advisors who shared his authoritarian views and silenced dissenting voices.

Slowly but surely, the president began consolidating power. He undermined the independence of the judiciary, weakening any opposition to his policies. He used the media to spread propaganda and discredit his critics, painting himself as the only one capable of leading the country to greatness.

As his term continued, the president became bolder in his actions. He issued executive orders that bypassed the legislature, claiming that he alone knew what was best for the country. He ignored protests and appeals from the public, dismissing them as the voices of the ignorant.

The people grew restless, realizing that their democracy was under threat. They took to the streets in peaceful protests, demanding that the president respect the rule of law and uphold the constitution. But the president, intoxicated by his power, only saw them as obstacles to his authoritarian vision.

Despite the growing dissent, the president pressed on with his agenda. He sought to rewrite the constitution to grant himself unlimited terms in office, cementing his rule for years to come. But deep within the country, a resistance was forming, made up of brave individuals who refused to let their democracy be dismantled.

In the end, the president’s thirst for power blinded him to the will of the people. The resistance grew stronger, united in their determination to protect their democracy at all costs. And in a historic moment, the president was impeached and removed from office, a reminder that no one is above the rule of law – not even the most powerful leader.

G.R. Bish