Letter: Prosecute all those who broke law under Trump


In response to a letter to the editor by Mr. Richard Ays, who blusters that 100 million Democrats are brainwashed against Trump.

Mr. Ays wrote that we have no free thinkers amongst our ranks, but rather, with Congress, the media, education, big cities, courts, and unions, we’re lockstep robots to a liberal conspiracy contrived and perpetuated by Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer.

We’re puppets who lack diversity of opinion.

Why is it that, according to Pew Research, in the current 116th U.S. Congress, composed of 535 members, 435 in the House, 100 in the Senate, only 4 percent are Republican women, yet women represent 52 percent of the general population?

Why is it that, in the 116th Congress, of the 116 members who are of a minority race, only 10 percent are Republicans?

Why is it that, in the 116th Congress, 99 percent of Republicans identify as Christian?

Conversely, overall, 20 percent of the 116th Congress are women Democrats, while Democrats make up 90 percent of minorities serving in Congress.

Currently, about 22 percent of Democrats in Congress identify as other than Christian.

The 116th Congress has the first Muslim women, the first Native American women, and both the youngest and oldest women to ever serve in Congress, all of whom are Democrats.

Democrats proudly stand for striving for political, racial, gender, and economic parity.

Equal justice under the law for all.

In his letter, Mr. Ays issued the sweeping, racist broadside, “The DNC doesn’t want Biden to be president, they want his running mate.

If Biden fails, they have an African-American female idiot in power.” Check off the racist bill of laden — black, female, liberal. Check, check, check.

Severe threat alert!

What really threatens Mr. Ays is the minority representation in the 116th Congress is an 84 percent increase over the 107th Congress. The demographics are all going the “wrong way.”

The slow decline of white male power is bringing about the ugly demise of the Republican Party. This is a party that has completely sold out to a daily, vulgar regimen of the federal government lying, misrepresenting, misleading, obfuscating and suppressing the truth, and, through woeful negligence, severely harming the general welfare of its citizens.

In addition to a large victory for the Democrats in November, every Republican lawmaker who broke the law under the Trump administration, including Don, the lying con himself, needs to be prosecuted and brought to justice.

Steven V. Horton