Letter: Reduce county taxes for those in noise zones


It is time that Island County admits that rural residential life in certain parts of the island are no longer safe living conditions for the residents. So, county taxes in these areas need to be adjusted.

Whether the fault of the county or not, they must face the fact that these areas are not being protected and are not safe to live in.

I am talking about homes in noise zones. Island County has increased regulations to protect new homeowners from the noise. However, these regulations do not work and, of course, only work inside a building.

Outside a building, noise levels exceed safe hearing levels with no ear protection.

It becomes Island County’s duty to deem these areas not as safe or livable as other parts of Whidbey Island.

Taxes must be reduced until the county can assure these Island County citizens that the area will not be harmful to its residents.

Nancy McCloskey