Letter: Relies on social programs to remain healthy, housed


In Saturday’s letters to the editor, Mr. Hickey’s “socialist agenda” of Dems and Mr. Meyer’s Dems “freedom for socialism,” gave me pause.

I’m 75 and rely on “social programs.”

Medicare covered my heart procedure last year. Social Security provides for more than half of my household expenses.

I didn’t sign up for veteran’s benefits, but I did use the GI Bill. The three of us most likely fought on the same side of one war or another. I’ve built my life around the social programs which keep me healthy and housed.

Right now, I’m scared spitless of COVID-19. My “Physician’s Orders for Life Sustaining Treatment,” which is hung on the refrigerator door, says “no mechanical means.” Ditto my life values declaration.

I’m not optimistic about life on the other side of a respirator. I’m too worn out for that. My opinion is that our common enemy is not the neighbor who voted differently or even the way we approach policy.

It’s the adversarial vitriol we foist on our neighbors as if we were opponents. Instead we should be focused on the immense challenge before us.

Shut down COVID-19 to serve the common good. I wear my mask.

Daniel Goldsmith


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