Letter: Roadside trash collector is appreciated


When I moved here in 1988, the lack of billboards and in-your-face advertising on Whidbey Island was refreshing and reminded me of northern Minnesota. I still feel that gratitude on a daily basis, but I want to give out a thank you to “White-Bag-Guy.”

You may have seen him on the highway, collecting trash, putting it in white bags, and leaving them on the shoulder for our maintenance crews to collect. By the time I realize that he is doing his thing, again, I’m already past him and on my way.

I know that the Lions and other groups pick up trash, but White-Bag-Guy seems to be everywhere. Perhaps he prefers to work anonymously. Whatever the case, I salute him and his continual efforts to keep Whidbey Island beautiful and the highway trash-free. Thank you, sir!

Mike Diamanti